Lemon Angel (2006) also known as "Remon Enjeru: Jissha-Ban" was a film released in 2006.


Three high school girls Miki, Tomo and Erika belong to the school drama club and dream of finding cool boyfriends.  They approach the club members, Toyisha and Yuya but romance is never without obstacles.  The girls get into various troubles with costume play people chasing them or a sleazy production manager deceiving them.  The biggest disaster awaits them at the training camp, who will win this romance game?



  • Setchin Kawaya as Secchin Kawaya
  • Kei Akamatsu
  • Gai Kiju
  • Takehito Kotani
  • Yuya Matsuura
  • Toru Nakano
  • Saori Taniguchi
  • Takuya Terada
  • Masao Taniguchi
  • Keisuke Minami


  • The film was based on Lemon Angel Project which was loosely based on Midnight Lemon Angel but seems to take more elements from the original Lemon Angel as there seem to be only 3 characters whereas in Lemon Angel Project there are 5.


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