Lemon Angel (Manga) is a comic by Jun Watanbe which was released in 1990 which is based on Midnight Lemon Angel.


Lemon Angel (Manga) follows the lifes of three teenagers Satomi, Rei and Medaka.  The Manga pretty much follows the Anime, only with different leading characters who are based on the original trio who debuted as Lemon Angel.  Lemon Angel (Manga) features typical boy chasing, crushes on teachers and lesbianism and also features Hentai scenes.



  • The Manga debuted just as the original trio had split-up.
  • The characters who appear in the Manga also appear in a OVA.
  • Like Tomo Sakurai, Medaka seems to be featured on many of the front covers and is most likely the leader and or icon of the franchise.


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